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It will hardest to find effective ways to appeal to your public, especially during times of crisis. Many careers have been made, and broken during times of crisis.  These careers were dependent on precise maneuvers and CRISIS COMMUNICATION skills.

There are about 7 steps in crisis communication to resolve the conflict.  Below I have picked out a couple that stood out to me..


Outward recognition through promptly verbalized public acknowledgement that a problem exists; that people or groups of people, the environment, or the public trust is affected; and that something will be done to remediate the situation.

 Explanation (no matter how silly, stupid, or embarrassing the problem causing error was):

Promptly and briefly explain why the problem occurred and the known underlying reasons or behaviors that led to the situation (even if there is only partial early information).

Talk about what was learned from the situation and how it will influence the organization’s future behavior.

Unconditionally commit to regularly report additional information until it is all out, or until no public interest remains.


Promptly ask for help and counsel from victims, government, and the community of origin – even from opponents.

Directly involve and request the participation of those most directly affected to help develop more permanent solutions, more acceptable behaviors, and to design principles and approaches that will preclude similar problems from occurring.

You can find the rest of the steps here

Can you think of some instances in history when there was a crisis, and these steps might have been used.

You have the right to know