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You HAVE the Right to know!!

As I have professed before, I am a Twitter fiend! I do not know how I could get through the day without obsessively checking my timeline throughout the day.  Most of my friends also have Twitter, so I can keep abreast of what they are doing without having to actually call them.  Its great!

Since I have had my account since last summer, I consider myself an advent and pretty knowledgable user.  I have tried to pull myself away from it for a day, but I had to resist the urge.  This “urge” has led me to wonder if I have a Twitter addiction..

I found this site that offers 29 signs of Twitter addiction. Read through this list and see if any of these sings you can relate to. I know I found myself in a couple..

  1. Get excited when some one�follows you on Twitter.
  2. Feel the end of the world when twitter gets an outage.
  3. Send @ and RT in messages to your friends in emails.
  4. Beg your blog readers to follow you on twitter, then beg your Twitter followers to Retweet the tweet.
  5. Post more tweets than blog posts, and turn from full time blogger to full time tweeter.
  6. Spend all day on twitter giving yourself the excuse that you are doing great service to your followers,� and bunk going to office.
  7. Tweet on Twitter� more than doing�office work.
  8. Feel over the Moon and on top of� the world when some one �retweets your tweet
  9. Keep searching for your twitter name�and your tweets in real time twitter�search.
  10. Keep refreshing the twitter�page every second for new tweets.
  11. Include your twitter profile in your Gmail signature instead� of your blog
  12. Print your twitter id on business cards.
  13. Set Twitter as your browser home page.
  14. Add notice in front of office door – “I am on Twitter, Don�t disturb”.
  15. Use more than 5 twitter clients.
  16. Add your twitter name to Google alerts to know what others are speaking about you.
  17. Blog more about twitter applications.
  18. Add your status message as “Follow me on twitter” to Gtalk and yahoo messenger
  19. Use Twoogle to search in Google and Twitter.
  20. Keep urging your family members to get a twitter account.
  21. Follow lot of people on #FollowFriday
  22. Introduce yourself to new� persons more as a tweeter than as a businessman.
  23. Go crazy about twitter and advertise on news papers, TV and distribute pamphlets to follow you on twitter.
  24. Ask your bosses wife to follow you on twitter!
  25. Add your twitter id to the nameplate of your house.
  26. Keep sending SMS to all your friends to follow you on twitter.
  27. Ask questions about Twitter rather than job related queries during interviews.
  28. Threaten your wife to get a twitter account and follow you, or warn her of divorce
  29. Only wear dresses with twitter logos.

Whether you just started blogging or not, be sure to AVOID a twitter addiction.  Twitter is a wonderful thing, but there a still a thing called REALITY! Are you addicted to Twitter?

You have the right to know


PRCA 2330 , classes this week are doing an interview on Mark Knealman, I chose to do an interview on my own PR professional.  While browsing the net i came across a blog from Sarah Evans, on helpful skills that PR professionals now need to know.

I will criticize the sho w using the three-pronged approach. 

what did i learn?

  • Creating a title: To create the title above I simply added <h1> before and after the words. Not too hard, right? I even keep a cheat sheet on my home and work computers.
  • Adding and embedding hyperlinks: You’d be surprised how many places you must enter HTML code when embedding hyperlinks. 
  • Inserting images: Everyone loves a good picture, especially in blog posts. 
  • Copying and pasting HTML code: I consider this a basic. Many times people will create ready-to-use HTML for widgets and badges. It then becomes a matter of copying the code and knowing where/how to paste it. 

What surprised you?

  • That PR professionals need to know basic HTML code. I have always wanted to learn myself.
  • How informative and easy-to-read this post was..

What do you want to learn more about?

  • How to properly create a website.  I plan on visiting the links posted on the website to get more
  •  information. 
  • How to increase my online presences using Search Engine Optimization. 

Overall the post was great, I feel like this is probably one of the best blog posts that I have ever read, that offers valuable advice to new coming bloggers.  I advise everyone to check it out!

What must have skills would you add to your list?

You have the right to know


Blog Comments from PRCA 2330

TOW week 1

by nikkiarc on May 28, 2010.

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  1. I really like how you included actual facts to support your argument. Your word choice was also impressive. I agree completely, with your point of view also. Overall a well written post. mbutle said this on Your comment is awaiting moderation. July 1, 2010 at 1:54 pm | Reply
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    1. […] #2 05.28.10 TOW 2: Comments by Allie Aronson Thanks for posting these tips! Some of the tips I recognize from other blogger’s lists, but there […]

    2. on July 1, 2010 at 10:00 am | Reply mbutle

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      I liked how you included a list to help others when leaving blog comments. Leaving blog comments can be annoying and time-consuming, but it is a necessary part of blogging. When you write a post, you write it for a public, with hopes that the public will like it. The only way that you will know if they do is to leave comments.


    1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      Your writing style is very conversational, and easy to read. Nothing is worse than a “know-it-all” posting a comment on your blog. This can cause you to get angry, but your right the best way to win is to reply with knowledge and put those pesky folks’ in their place! 

      July 1, 2010 at 2:11 pm 

The Future Fashion PR!!!!!!!

  mbutle  |  July 1, 2010 at 10:06 AM

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Your blog was very informative. I think that it is a matter of preference where you want to begin your PR career. I personally have chosen to create my own path, by starting my own company. Whatever path you choose, do it well.

Superleggera4’s Blog Ease your mind for a while

T.O.W: Week 3

Most PR firms are small, so an internship is the best way to gain entrance into these organizations. Most of the are not going to hire you without, you knowing someone or you interning for a while. That is the only draw-back. But after you are hired you are good to go.

July 1, 2010 at 2:16 pm 

Blog Comments 

We had to do some research on a Mr.Mann in one of my previous classes. It is good to pay attention to seasoned PR vets, they can teach you a lot about public relations from the things that they have went through. July 1, 2010 at 2:26 pm


July 9, 2010 ilovepr1540

|  July 24, 2010 at 10:17 am

I for one LOVE social media, and I was also unaware that they had a site like this available..This is a very helpful tool for people to use and find out more social media sites that they may not have known existed.

My 10 Tips for Blogging |  July 24, 2010 at 10:26 am

I thoroughly enjoyed your top 10 list. Its not hard to blog for us in my opinion, but there are some friendly tips to make it easier. My favorite one is to make the sentences shorter!!

News Release Tips-TOW 8 |  July 24, 2010 at 10:29 am

I like how you incorproated a book for refrence into your blog post. And the fact that it is a PR book, made your post even more credible. News releses are a vital part of all PR jobs.


As a soon-to-be college graduate of Georgia Southern University, I will be entering the competitive job field against thousands of other graduates. Since I only have a bachelors degree right now, I am going to have to use all of my skills to get a foot up.  Employers are looking for college graduates that have adequate knowledge of social media and internet tools. This includes all employers and not just those that are in the communications field. 

I consider this blog on of my greatest pieces of work to date. I work hard on this and am pleased to show my employer what I have done thus far. But there are a number of things that may not be as obvious to the potential employers when looking at my blog. Here I will lay out a digital road map reflecting my presence on all social media sites, including other work that I have created.

Here is my digital foot print…

First thing s first, my lovely resume.

 Cover letter

My Resume

(Please see contact information for inclusion of the references page for confidentiality of those listed)

I created this Powerpoint from The first one is a book review with sound, and the second is the Top 10 Lessons I Learned in my public relations practicum class.

“Girl Talk ” Podcast. I enjoyed creating a podcast after I figured out how it worked. It is a great tool that allows you to virtually speak to your audience over a convienient medium, the internet. I have also included show notes so that you can follow along with the podcast. The topic is how the decline of Myspace lead to the rise of Twitter.

Direct Link: if hyperlink is not working.

“GIRL TALK” with Jayme Stroud and Maranda Butler

Theme Music-Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams and Young Money’s Roger That

Welcome to our radio show on WPYT the People’s Station 

  • Introduction of Speakers
  • Introductory conversation and background topic information

(Transition- Theme Music)


Brief History of Myspace

  • Reasons why it is declining

 1.Controversy – Child safety and stalker cases

  1. “Portal strategy” site while Myspace and Facebook focus their attention on social media solely
  2. Inability to update and change with the times. They have a slow response time.
  3. Other sites such as You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook have all of the components of Myspace but better
  4. The “it” factor of social media sites. They are hot for the moment.

(Transition-Theme Music)

Brief History of Twitter

Reasons why it is on the rise

  1. People can post on Twitter in over 20 languages…can Myspace do that?
  2. Twitter is a better advertising tool and it gives more opportunity for consumers to voice their opinion about it.
  3. Let’s talk about “lurking”
  4. Communication is instantaneous

 (Transition-Theme Music)

 Questions from callers/tweeps

 Thanks for tuning in to Girl Talk on WPYT the People’s Station…Catch you next week!

(The End-Theme Music)

Below are topic plans for future “Girl Talk” podcasts


I love creating material for clients.  Hmm, let me show you a little of what I have done in the past

I strive to specialize in entertainment public relations working for artists preferably,  I have included a couple of artist bios that I have written. One is for Jawar a, social media guru, that I met while interning at Sesac the summer of 2009.   The second document is an artist bio for an up-and-coming artist named Prime. Adobe was a hard series to learn, but its makes creating and editing documents other than words documents, simple ! The last attached document is a brochure that I created for a client of mine, Phi Sigma Pi, Georgia Southern University honor fraternity.

Jawar Speaks

 November 5, 2009 – Think, plan, and execute. Self-made entrepreneur Jawar used these three little words as the foundation for a very big business. Boasting a long list of accomplishments Jawar has created a lucrative business by self-marketing and promoting his beliefs.

 Jawar accomplished his success as a “content provider” for the masses.  A “jack-of-all-trades,” if you will, he is a motivational speaker, authored over 20 hard back and e-books (How to Self-Publish for Profit, Twitter Resource Book, Music Industry Connection Book Series, Atlanta Modeling Industry Secrets Revealed), and a business consultant in social media, the music business, and internet marketing.

 Jawar said that through his positive interactions with social media and networking he noticed that people confided in him for advice and his opinion.  These people then turned into paying clients that became the market for purchasing his products.

“I was drawn to social media because of my desire to help people. It was a tool to fulfill my calling through a viable pragmatic tool,” said Jawar. 

 Jawar’s immense knowledge of social media sites has attracted attention from numerous organizations. He is spoken at a number of places including events for, I Do Music sponsored by ASCAP, A3C Music Festival; “Music, Money, Hereafter” ,Clayton State University, Georgia State University, and the Music & Entertainment Industry Student Association (M.E.I.S.A).

 An advent Twitter user, with over 2000 tweets and 1000 followers, Jawar predicted that the potential of social media is limitless due to its adaptability and convenience. 

 “10 to 15 years ago nobody had cell phones, now people everyday use handheld wireless devices. Everybody can access some form of social media through there cell phone,” Jawar said.  

 Jawar stressed relevancy and time management skills as the key to success during many of his lectures. “I stay relevant in my industry because I listen. Most people do not listen,” said Jawar, “It is also important to know about time investment.  Those people who know what they want to do early on tend to achieve a higher level of success early on.”

 Jawar’s next speaking engagement is scheduled for next Wednesday, where he will be hosting a music business seminar presented by Discmakers.  For more information and booking details for Jawar visit,, and


Primed and Ready

Starting at the tender age of 11 years old, Prime began his journey of becoming a rapper following in the footprints of fellow Brooklyn, New York natives and hip-hop icons, Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z.  Prime, also known as prime dinero, is a metaphor for, “The best” or “the finest.” A multifaceted artist, Prime can also play the trumpet and bass guitar.  He honed his skills while participating in a plethora of rap ciphers around the Brooklyn area.   Winning a couple competitions and rap battles quickly gained Prime neighborhood respect and recognition from local artists. During 2000 Prime began performing around New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, with his then partner “Ben,” under the Boiling Point Music Company, a self created company.  After the group parted ways Prime “turned the negative to positive” and relocated to Atlanta, GA to continue his passion.  Shortly after moving to Atlanta Prime struck a deal with Illapath Records in 2009, one of Atlanta’s hottest up and coming record labels.  Under the guidance of Kizah Brayle, company CEO, Prime’s career has made significant headway. Prime released two successful solo mixtapes “Be Easy (2003),” and “We are the Streets (2002).  Prime’s current single “XO,” named after the popular top shelf Hennessey, with up tempo beat and catchy hooks is positioned as a certified club banger for ladies. The single, appears on the Coast to Coast Mixtape, with famed DJ Noodles, released Feb 6, 2010.  The record has been receiving good feedback, getting rotation on local radio stations in the Tampa, Florida area. With a flourishing music career Prime looks forward to the upcoming release of his next mix tape tentatively titled, “All or Nothing Volume 2.”  Prime prides himself on his ability of being able to adapt but never conform to the trending topics of society.

 Although Prime is a rapper now, he has future aspirations that will come after his platform is created.  “I don’t want to be a rapper, I want to be an artist, I want to be able to step into other realms. Acting, sports management, and a youth volunteer.”

Be sure to look out for Prime’s next single, “Be Easy,” off of the “All or Nothing vol.1” mixtape. It is a summer anthem reminiscent of Will Smith’s smash hit, “Summer Time” says Prime. You can catch the Prime at The Crow Bar in Yloor City, Florida, where he performs frequently.

 The future looks bright for this artist, with a strong supporting team and eye of the tiger drive. Prime is the One.  

 For booking and further information about Prime visit, twitter @primedinero, and a facebook music page under the name of prime dinero. 

Phi Sigma Pi Brochure

As I said above, this blog was one of the things that I am the most proud of. It shows my creativity and writing skills. Below are hyperlinks to some of my favorite blog posts ..

Old Boring Bloggers

See how I feel about other PR bloggers in the digital universe. Be sure to pay EXTRA attention to the blog comments.

My Ode to PR

In respect to ancient philosophers,  I created an ode to Public Relations professing my love for the art.

 How to Start Your Own PR Agency

I have always wanted to create my own public relations agency. (until I did when I created The BBC). I offer friendly advice on how others can start their own PR agency. 

What the F is Foursquare?

I had not prior knowledge of Foursquare before I took a social media class in college. Click on the link to find out, What the F is Foursquare!

Everyone has a LinkedIn account now.. Well I am no different. Here is a link to my LinkedIn account where you can find me in the professional world.

Maranda Butler on LinkedIn

Well this is all (For now) folks.. My skills extend way beyond the one-dimensional aspects on this page. interested and want to know more, call me on the number provided above. I am sure not to disappoint, until then…Maranda Writes…

You have the Right to know!

Since I have taken my first English class I have loved the idea of romantic dedications that ancient Roman philosophers used, odes.  Odes are types of lyrical verses.  In light of the Roman greats that came before me I am going to do my own version of an ode dedicated to my love for public relations.

I never knew what you were until I decided that I needed a major where I did not have to use math or science. 

I was currently a business major before I found you,  I was headed down the path to nowhere then I found the light

I sometimes dream of representing a big star in entertainment and making lots of money

I even joined an entertainment organization (Makin Moves and Confetti Ent) to be closer to you. It was a way for me to merge partying and business.

Most people think that you are not a real major, but they can say that until they have to write their first 10-page paper.

This gives me a way to feel important in the world. A blackberry and Apple Mac are the necessities in this profession.

In this world its all about looking the part. Image is everything.

Its about WHO you know not about HOW many people you know

I can write off clubbing and event going as expenses

Yes this may seem a little trivial , but this is my ode to PR

You have the right to know!

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Mass media is all around us. As Americans we are engaging in and affected by mass media 24/7 whether we know it or not. Mass media is defined as a section of the media designed to reach a large audience. The term was created during the 1920’s with the increased popularity of newspapers and television. Books and manuscripts were the earliest forms of mass media. Mass media includes but is not limited to:

  • Newspapers
  • TV
  • Internet
  • Blogs
  • Radio
  • Podcasts
  • Film

As publicists it is our job to exploit mass media for maximum exposure for our clients. “The medium is the message” is a quote by Marshall McLuhan, one of the biggest critics in media history. The message is transmitted to the public through various mediums. These mediums is what brings the messages to the audiences door step.

 For example: I go to as a source for news in the world. This is the medium for how I receive my mass media.

With the decline of recent mass media avenues, there has been a sharp decline in traditional mass media, newspapers and radio. We as a culture are greatly influenced by mass media. It shapes our perceptions of reality and dictates our knowledge about other cultures and societies. We have to be responsible receivers of the devious persuasive tactics in media to decipher between factual information and false claims. Whatever the case mass media has evolved throughout the years and will continue to change as times goes on. You have the right to know!

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