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I recently became a fan of the Adobe System Products while using them in my PR Publications class at Georgia Southern University.  We had to create a brochure for an on campus organization of which I chose Phi Sigma Pi, an honor fraternity I was a member of, as my client.

Traditionally I was always taught to edit documents in Microsoft Word Programs throughout my prior schooling. I spent countless frustrated hours after using it for the first time fumbling through the program. Mainly because I had to decode the vocabulary to figure out what each tool actually did.

In case you are running into similar problems I will supply some helpful vocabulary I have pulled from to help.

Gradient fill

An area that gradually changes from one color (or gray) to another. Gradient fills are also known as blends, gradations, graduated fills, and vignettes.


The act of designating which object or text you want subsequent actions to affect. Selecting with the selection tool or direct-selection tools often highlights the selected material (in the case of text) or causes it to display small boxes, called handles (in the case of objects)

Spot color

Any premixed colored ink that is not one of or a combination of the four process color inks.  The other color options are cmyk


The stream of characters in your publication; not to be confused with type.


Text or art that extends beyond the trim page boundaries, or the crop marks, on one or more sides of a page.


Used for mixing and creating specific color shades.


Abbreviation for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, the four process color inks which, when properly overprinted, simulate a subset of the visible spectrum.


Red, green, blue. Abbreviation for red, green, blue; the colors of projected light from a computer monitor that when combined simulate a subset of the visual spectrum.

“You have the right to know!”


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