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To spice things up a bit lets have a post from a friend of mine and guest blogger Eryn Pond …

Maranda and I are in a few classes together this semester Persuasion, Social Media & PR, as well as group members for PR Campaigns. So, for this post I wanted to talk about our “client” for PR campaigns. First i’ll tell you what PR campaigns is. For PR students at Georgia Southern University, the most stressful but important classes we take are PR Research and PR Campaigns. For each class you are put into groups and work for a class. In PR campaigns, you are putting together a proposed campaign for your client, competing against the other groups (in our class there are 2 clients and 4 groups so, we are only competing against one other group). Our “client” is Jeremy Foreman with HandsOn Southeast Georgia. Both Jeremy and the organization are amazing. We have done a lot of great research and come up with some really good ideas I just hope he likes them! I took PR Research last semester and I like my group but we had one weak leak that really affected us. This semester, it is completely the opposite, I love my group! We all work well together and have something unique to bring to the table. Our campaign book is due next Wednesday, but we don’t present to Jeremy for another 2 weeks. Hope everything goes well! Thanks Maranda for having me be a guest blogger!


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