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Since I have taken my first English class I have loved the idea of romantic dedications that ancient Roman philosophers used, odes.  Odes are types of lyrical verses.  In light of the Roman greats that came before me I am going to do my own version of an ode dedicated to my love for public relations.

I never knew what you were until I decided that I needed a major where I did not have to use math or science. 

I was currently a business major before I found you,  I was headed down the path to nowhere then I found the light

I sometimes dream of representing a big star in entertainment and making lots of money

I even joined an entertainment organization (Makin Moves and Confetti Ent) to be closer to you. It was a way for me to merge partying and business.

Most people think that you are not a real major, but they can say that until they have to write their first 10-page paper.

This gives me a way to feel important in the world. A blackberry and Apple Mac are the necessities in this profession.

In this world its all about looking the part. Image is everything.

Its about WHO you know not about HOW many people you know

I can write off clubbing and event going as expenses

Yes this may seem a little trivial , but this is my ode to PR

You have the right to know!


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Mass media is all around us. As Americans we are engaging in and affected by mass media 24/7 whether we know it or not. Mass media is defined as a section of the media designed to reach a large audience. The term was created during the 1920’s with the increased popularity of newspapers and television. Books and manuscripts were the earliest forms of mass media. Mass media includes but is not limited to:

  • Newspapers
  • TV
  • Internet
  • Blogs
  • Radio
  • Podcasts
  • Film

As publicists it is our job to exploit mass media for maximum exposure for our clients. “The medium is the message” is a quote by Marshall McLuhan, one of the biggest critics in media history. The message is transmitted to the public through various mediums. These mediums is what brings the messages to the audiences door step.

 For example: I go to as a source for news in the world. This is the medium for how I receive my mass media.

With the decline of recent mass media avenues, there has been a sharp decline in traditional mass media, newspapers and radio. We as a culture are greatly influenced by mass media. It shapes our perceptions of reality and dictates our knowledge about other cultures and societies. We have to be responsible receivers of the devious persuasive tactics in media to decipher between factual information and false claims. Whatever the case mass media has evolved throughout the years and will continue to change as times goes on. You have the right to know!

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Since making my first viral video a couple of weeks ago I have been  even more fascinated with the internet sensation. Viral videos are those self-created videos posted on sites for free such as YouTube and .

YouTube is great because it allows you to post videos for the entire world to see.  Popular videos are ranked as those that receive the most hits or views per day. 

You Tube has performances, interviews, Tv shows, movie clips, how to videos, general knowledge videos, and other random videos.

Some clips are removed due to copyright infringement laws of corporations preventing their images to be shown on a second party site.

While browsing the internet the other day I noticed a popular fan page for a South African boxer named Oscar. He was known as the talking dog.  This unknown couple from South Africa began taping their dog a howling along to songs a couple of years ago and now they have a strong base.  From Happy Birthday and Happy New Year salutations, Oscar sings it all.

Here are some of my favorite videos from Oscar.

This is an example of the magic that is YouTube. It has the power to take virtually unknown everyday people to overnight celebrities.  Starts have been born and found on YouTube pages. Its almost becoming a way of  self promotion.

Have a new CD coming out that you want everyone to know about. Make a video with a simple camera and upload it to YouTube for everyone to see.

Without YouTube I never would have known Oscar even existed.  YouTube is ranked in the top 5 percent of most visited web pages on the internet by users.  I can see why.

 You have the Right to Know!

Want to know where the official republic of Djibouti is?

Or want to know a definition for affect and effect?

Or how about you just want to learn more about the Sophists?

You have the power to know anything you want within 10 seconds from the comfort of home.  Mass media has brought us many great things such as the internet.  But that vehicle has brought us mans greatest invention (outside of Google) WIKIPEDIA!

Wikipedia was created during the early 2000’s by as a free online encyclopedia.  Registered users can edit the information on the pages freely. 

I refer to this website. If I see a word or term that I do not know I simply Wiki it to learn more.  The information is just enough giving me an understanding in lamens terms. 

Yes I know that users are allowed to edit the pages, so the encyclopedia may have untrue facts.  But hey it’s not a reference source, and it never will be.

So readers beware when reading, and be sure to double-check “facts printed for accuracy.  Although they may have references listed that you can refer to for additional information. 

But it serves its purpose it gives an understanding that peer-reviewed articles and text books may lack.

A report in 2007 by Mark Henderson  said that Wiki was visited by nearly 7% of Americans daily. 

Wikipedia has celeb pages, theory, news stories, events, companies, places and landmarks, it even functions as a dictionary. 

Below are the percentages of media content dedicated to each field. percentages collected in a 2008 study conducted by researchers at Carnegie-Mellon University and Palo Alto Research Center

  • Culture and Arts 30% (210%)
  • Biographies and persons: 15% (97%)
  • Geography and places: 14% (52%)
  • Society and social sciences: 12% (83%)
  • History and events: 11% (143%)
  • Natural and Physical Sciences: 9% (213%)
  • Technology and Applied Science: 4% (−6%)
  • Religions and belief systems: 2% (38%)
  • Health: 2% (42%)
  • Mathematics and logic: 1% (146%)
  • Thought and Philosophy: 1% (160%)


Like I said there is no need for any other website, if you have this..

The top five searched pages in 2009 were:

1. Wiki (131,383 page hits per day)

2. The Beatles (111,896)

3. Michael Jackson (79,734)

4. Favicon.ico (78,077)

5. YouTube (72,318)

Ahh, the joys of mass media. I am sure there has been an overwhelming increase in obesity in Americans after Wiki. We not longer have to go to the library to look up thick books, we can know everything we need to from the comforts of our couch. 

Watch this short video for more information about how Wikipedia is used and how informations is transmitted. 

 You have the right to know!

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Reality TV reached its expansion period during the 2000’s. It has created stars and documented historic events. It is a way for America to see who we really are in a lense. Whether the images reflected are positive or negative, this is us America.  This is what you wanted. 

I find myself yearning for things to go back to the way they were. You know the good ol times!

You know you remember those pesky scripted that had intimate plots and themes?

Hey I love reality Tv shows, but I am also aware that the fictional persona displayed is not correctly reflecting the reality that I know of America. All of us do not live in million dollar houses and have obnoxious attitudes, obsessed with our looks and plastic surgery.

But this is what we are displayed as.

A study by Authors: Melvin L. DeFleur, PhD. and Margaret H. Defleur, Ph.D.called  the Learning to hate Americans study examined incidental learning by audience members to mass media. They interview 1313 high schoolers from 12 different countries (Western, Muslim, and Asian) about their perception of America. The study measures their attitudes about Americans in general by asking simple questions like, “are Americans violent”. They asked what media they attend to including what movies they have seen, TV shows. The results revealed that all countries except Italy and Argentina all had flawed and negative images as Americans.

Where do you think they got this from?

The Collateral Media Intrusion Theory says that the media affects people even though the interests of the message providers may not be purposeful.  Things can be portrayed in media content unknowingly to the provider.

These images people see are influencing their attitude and perspective on America based on the characters presented in our media.

Can you blame them?

If I were watching legally Blond, or Sex and the City movies I would naturally form my own opinions also. 

When will it come a time when we can present reality TV that is based on reality and it be popular or majority media content that is positive.

Probably never, and you want to know why?

Because all of the images we despise on TV is what we want to see. Media is based off of the consumer, they play what society is interested in?

Or do they create and shape societies interest because we do not have the power to create and monitor our own media.

I guess we can just blame it on the FCC. After all scape goating is after all major component of the guilt redemption theory. 

You have the right to know!

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While browsing through the TV channels last night a thought came to mind, a majority of all TV programming consists of reality TV shows. A reality TV is a genre of television programming that presents purportedly unscripted dramatic or humorous situations, documents actual events, and usually features ordinary people instead of professional actors (Wiki). 

One of the first reality TV shows I remember is Big Brother seasons airing in 1999.  I use to watch the show religious weekly to see who would get voted out of the house and catch the spicy arguments and fights. 

Or the notorious first seasons of the MTV show Real World.  This was the first reality TV show that linked popular culture to the big screen.  IT would video a group of 7 total strangers picked to live a house and see how many wacky hook ups and drunken fights they could get into. Well it was not that simple, it also brought social and cultural issues to the forefront in american culture. Like pregnancy and racism. Like the a character who had and later dies of aids.

Reality TV shows can be all of the following:

  • Talk shows (Oprah, Tyra)
  • Game shows (The Wheel of fortune, Who Wants to be a Millionaire)
  • Celeb shows (the most popular)
  • Hoax based (The X-Factor, and Pranked)
  • Job based (The Apprentice, I Wanna Work for Diddy)
  • Hidden Camera (MTV Boiling Point)
  • Talent Shows ( American Idol, Americas Best Dance Crew)
  • Dating Shows (Hell Date)


Reality TV reached its expansion period during the 2000’s. It has created stars and documented historic events. It is a way for America to see who we really are in a lense. Whether the images reflected are positive or negative, this is us America.  This is what you wanted. 

You have the right to know!

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throughout my public relations classes I have been referred to many popular blogging sites created by public relations and communication specialists.  They have all the credentials and qualification in communication with all the educated sounding vocabulary.  From Waxman to Mann, yes I respect their contributions to social media and blogging.  Hey I guess its only right, they are like the founding fathers to us bloggers. But when visiting their sites I have found one common thing in common, they are all boring!

PR is fun and full of energy.  So how do they manage to make even the most creative and exciting components of PR such as social media, sound like a complete bore. I am 22 years old and barley a graduate of Georgia Southern University. And I often find myself just browsing through the overload of content looking for something that interest me.  The topics would probably be a lot more “reader-friendly” if they were more conversational. I thought this was one of the first rules of making a blogging, to make it easy to read.  But how come it feels like I am reading a school textbook.

Are all bloggers old wrinkly white people? I hope not, that would be boring. And very depressing for up and coming PR practitioners.  Does this mean that I have to wait until I am over 30 to have a repuitable blog in the world of bloggers?                                                                                        

All social media experts all say the same thing about social media so the only difference is how the material is presented.

Lets be honest, we all as bloggers consider our works contenders for the Pulitzer Prize in our minds.  But in all actuality we are all journalists showing our work to the world.  I am new to blogging and do not want to come off as a professional that  I surely am not. But I do not want blogs to lose their fun factor. 

As a blogger I vow to ….

– Always have fun blogging.

– Never use too many BIG words in my blog. Its a blog not a dictionary.

– Include A LOT of visual images  on my blog.  Too many words look like a textbook.

– Do a podcast every now and again so I can talk to my followers.

– Avoid boring topics. There is nothing about the blogging that should be boring. Hey its only the greatest thing to happen to the internet in life, social media.

I am going to write for my demographic, young socialists! No this will not be a gossip blog, and  I may not have all of the credentials of older bloggers. But the excellent thing about blogging is that we have the ability to cite sources.

You have the right to know!

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