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Comment #2

Be a PR Student 2.0 by Mackenzie Stratton

mbutle on April 21, 2010 said:

Hmmm, this was an interesting post because I never knew that one point could cause so much difference. I would consider myself a combination between 1.0 and 2.0. I dont do everything for participation points, since I am genuinely interested in PR since I chose it as my major. But yes there are some things that I do specifically for a grade and I am not afraid to admit it.

Comment #3

Toyota is Looking Up! by Mackenzie Stratton

mbutle on April 21, 2010 said:

Let me start by saying that I am so a Toyota fan. Even though they have have a bit of negative publicity lately my heart will never waiver from how I feel. The recall will be a problem now, but I predict that the public will forget about it in no time.

Comment #4

Help!!! My Gecko’s Tail Broke Off!

April 17, 2010

I never knew that a pet gecko required so much work. I would be more traumatized for the “unnamed individual” then I would for Blake. I can imaging the look on their face when they saw the gecko dropped and they were still holding its tail! Very good story, and good read. Very interesting and unique subject matter also. I was attracted to it after I saw the creature in the picture. lol.

Comment #5

Ke$ha the Next Gaga?

April 18, 2010

I love that Tik Tok song, but your right as soon as I heard it I immediately thought of lady Gaga. She is like a watered down Lady Gaga withouth the cool factor. Although I do think that something is slightly wrong with Lady Gaga after listenining to her music. I think that the weird thing really works for her. I love all of her performances, although they scare me a little. I can never take my eyes off of them. I think she has a great team around her.

Comment #6

Celebrities Using the “R” Word

March 3, 2010

mbutle  |  April 19, 2010 at 9:49 pmYour comment is awaiting moderation.

I never knew that the “R” word was used as much as it is. It has been a part of American vocabulary for so long. We all know that it is offensive to people who are infact mentally retarded. But the overuse of the word in comedic situations seems to have overshadowed this socially offensive taboo. After reading your blog I am going to be more aware of using this word. I think it is great that they have created a camapign to stop the use of the word.

Comment #7

No Responses Yet to ‘Week 8: T.O.W.- How to make your Business POP with PODcasting!’

mbutle said,

Your comment is awaiting moderation.
on April 19, 2010 on 10:11 pm

I like how your blog is written in a conversational format, it makes for an easy read. Before doing a podcast I was a lot like you I knew little about podcasting either. It is a free tool as you described above, so I am sure I will be using the tool a lot more after this. They are a great PR tool, you do not have to be well trained to make a podcast. Instead you have to have an educated voice and know how to make somewhat sensible audio recording. Thats it!

Comment #8
No Responses Yet to ‘Week 7: T.O.W – Let’s PLAY Foursquare!’
mbutle said,

Your comment is awaiting moderation.
on April 19, 2010 on 10:14 pm

Hmm, he is attractive for a creator. Is Foursquare in the Fortune 500 yet? But anyway, I dont see the big deal about Foursquare. If people want to live their life in a virtual world where all the things in a real world exist, why dont they play dungeons and dragons? maybe that’s a little harsh. But I do not think that this social media site will last that long. This is a great tool for small businesses and restaurants to gain exposure.

Comment #9

Going Viral.. by Jayme

You said 18 minutes ago:

First of all I am a lot more than a “fellow classmate.” Everytime I watch the video I get tingly goosbumps inside. When watching our work. I prefer viral videos that are funny, because I like to laugh. I love how the still image for the video is your face. I love the fact that you can post and ceate viral videos for free. After making my first one I am itching to create another one.

Comment #10

mbutle said, Ben Roethlisberger…..on Victoria’s Blog

April 15, 2010 at 1:36 PM

I dont see why Roethlisberger was hanging out in those random bars anyway. I mean really, who does he know in Millidgeville? He probably didnt rape the girl or anything near sexual assult. But I am sure that they had sex. Whatever happened he should not put himself in situations to get taken advantage of. Some women look at him and see an opportunity. And he is just laying his wealth and character out on a golden platter for them.

Comment #11

mbutle Said:Toyota Fights Back… by Jayme

on April 15, 2010 at 6:15 pm

I have never personally owned a Toyota, but I am a fan of their vehicles. Since I was young I was always told that they were some of the best cars to have. Thats why it is very funny how people are now saying that they are the worst becasue of their recent problems. No company is perfect, and neither is a machine. I still stand by Toyota as an economical and gas friendly car to have. I think this is a ploy by Honda to sabatoge the brand. Can someone investigate that?

Comment #12
No More Pig ?? Antonio Bivins Blog  
mbutle – April 15, 2010

Population control? Ribs? Babe? All this equals to a very funny post! Actually one of the funniest that I have read. I liked how you kept the peice very conversational and humerous. I didnt know that not eating pig could be linked to population control. But if there is a law against this then it is in fact, controlling the population! Good points. Also I love the template of this blog!

Comment #13
Fallujah Video Game comment by Antonio Bivins
mbutle – April 15, 2010

I was unaware that Rockstar drops a lot of their games, or that it is uproar over a lot of them. My favorite (and only known game) is Grand Theft Auto. A wonderful series, although very graphic and violent, I loved it ! I can see how sometimes games can go a little too far, when entertainment and social responsibility come into play. I can see how this game would offend war vets and nationlists.

Comment #14

Comments» in repsonse to Dancing with the …No Stars? Antonio Bivins Blog

1. mbutle – April 15, 2010

WOW! That was one of the funniest basketball highlight videos that I have ever seen. I played basketball in highschool and if my coach got as excited as that coach, we would have won every game! and that blue blazer. Very funny. You cant get away with anything anymore with You Tube around.

Comment #15

No Responses Yet to “How to Pass Your Employer’s “Background Check””

  1.  mbutle Says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation. April 15, 2010 at 1:57 pmHmm, very good article to read for graduates such as myself that are entering the work field shortly, and will probably be put in a situation like this shortly. I have a Twitter page that I try to censor. But sometimes when I am angry or sad I use twitter as my venting system. I would hate for employers to read some of my tweets and think that I am an angry person. Still compared to other tweets I see, I really dont think that I am that bad!

Comment #16

No Responses Yet to “The new resume today: Social Media Resumes”

mbutle Says:

  1. Your comment is awaiting moderation. April 15, 2010 at 2:02 pmI currently do not have a socail media resume but I am interested in creating one ASAP . For Nixon’s class we have to create one so I am looking forward to the opportunity to be able to make one. Social Media is all that the internet is now. Even my mother has a facebook account (evem though we are not friends). That is when I knew how much social media had changed everyone forever. I agree that everyone should have a social media account somewhere of some sort if they plan on being in PR. It is a neccessity.

Comment #17

Viral Video by aschlum1

 You said 9 minutes ago:

Very cute video! I loved making my viral video and was inspired to make even more after using my first one. I wonder which program you used to create it, I used Windows Movie Maker which was alright. I just wish I could have toyed with the Imovie on the MAC. I am sure that it was a far better program. But good job!

Comment #18

Comments on the Interview with Martin Waxman by meghanlane

 You said 25 minutes ago:

I love to hear advice from public relations pracrticioners that are practing int he field. I have never heard of Mark Waxman or his company before the interivew. Like you i was interested to learn more after hearing about his company. I want to run my own PR business one day also so I try to model myself after successful practioners such as Waxman. I also liked how Mrs. Nixon was able to interview Waxman, technology has come a long way.

Comment #19

 You said 1 day ago:

Omg, all of the videos were soo cute and entertaining. I have not seen the Diggy video yet so this was my first time. Its amazing how quickly videos can reach people all over the world. It truly is amazing to me. Some people even get famous off of making viral videos, which can be good and very sad other times. I am not surprised that one of the best ways to make a viral video is to make it funny. A sense of humor can get you a long way.

Comment #20

Podcasting, Vidcasting and Webcasting: Survival Guide Reading Notes, Ch. 5 by damarasimmons

 You said 1 day ago:

Now that I have made my first podcast, I am addicted. They are not very hard to make at all if you download Audiacity. I think that whoever has a blog should definitely utilize podcasting at least once. It is a great PR tool that can be tailored to whatever subject you please. I have not had a chance to make a video cast yet but I am excited at the opportunity. Very helpful information.

Comment #20

The End of Groupthink: Trouble for New AmErykah?? by damarasimmons

 You said 1 day ago:

I am SO happy you made this post. I was reading an article the other day about what inspired her to make the video. I agree with the message and I actually thought that it was a very powerful and original video. Now of course this can never be played on any music channel, but still. This is excellent PR, drama!

Comment #21

Just a personal tidbit by matidmore

 You said 1 day ago:

I like the idea of adding a personal tidbit for your readers to get a glimpse at the writer. I am even interesting in making a post like this for my personal blog. I played basketball in high school so I know the rush that you described. Sad to hear about your leg, and the ending line about why you are here is VERY FUNNY also. A lot of blog posts can be Just as boring as reading a textbook. Entertaining read.

Comment #22

Trade Book Review by jeffcarter3

 You said 1 day ago:

I love the fact that we have to create documents using Slide Share so we will know what to do for future reference. Your book seemed like it was very interesting read…. I liked how you did not depend on the slide notes too much instead you went off of your own personal notes. Good job. Looks very professional.

Comment #23

Should a Business Adopt a Social Media Channel? by jeffcarter3

 You said 1 day ago:

I love social media1 And you are right, if businesses don’t conform to the new wave of technology then they will be left behind. It has changed the face of viral internet business transactions for life. I think that ALL businesses should definitely invest in some kind of social media channel. Bad customer reviews can leave a bad impression, but you can not stop people from talking. But it is a way to hear from your customers close up and personal.

Comment #24 

 mbutle 3.3.10 / 1pm

  1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.I REALLY like your page layout and headings. It looks like you really invest a lot of time in blogging…But yes when you RT a comment, people ususally get the impression that you support/ or agree with the RT. It can definitely send the wrong message.

Comment #25 

TOW #3- Social Media Monitoring by aschlum1

 You said 1 week ago:

I like how you incorporated Dominos pizza video into your example of what is ethical in social media monitoring. And I totally agree with you on . One simple angry comment over a personal matter can become noted as a representation of all customer attitudes of a particular company or brand.

Comment #26

Is Social Media Monitoring Ethical? by jameskick

 You said 1 week ago:

I really enjoyed the Social media code ethics tips. Matters having to do with the internet can be so hard to define in an uncensored landscape. If only we had a world where everyone abided by honesty and respect. Boy where would social media, well media for that matter, be then?? Im sure we would be more independent thinkers as a society.

Comment #27

Under the Microscope: The Yele Haiti Foundation by Jayme

 You said 1 week ago:

Hey James! I would first of all like to say that I love your background! Secondly, I think its very low for the media to accuse him of any wrong doing with the Yele foundation. Wyclef has ALWAYS mentioned and advertised support of the Yele foundation, even before the Hitian earthquake crisis. In any non-profit organiztion certain funds are going to be dispensed that do not go directly to the area of aid. As long as he is not buying cars and jewelry with the money, I do not see the problem!

Comment #28

TOW week 7 What is Foursquare??? by Wolfie

 You said 3 weeks ago:

It is very much so like a “little twitter!” It has a lot of the same capabilities as Twitter with a little extra sauce. The only reason why I will never get it, is because of the . It is basically a tracking system to me. I have a hard enough time on twitter letting my followers know exactly where I am to deal with this! When will it stop? I don’t really see why people would use Foursquare other than the fact that they want others to know there every move. It does have some good capabilities like being able to suggest other places nearby and open reviews, but other than that I think this social media site should have stayed on the drawing board

Comment #29

TOW 8: Podcasting by Brittany Maree

 You said 3 weeks ago:

I’m still a little new to the idea of podcasting. But I am interested to see how it will affect PR and business as we know it today. Internet usage in all business is becoming more frequent as time goes on. My first time podcasting will be for an upcoming assignment in social media. I am excited to learn about it, but still confused about how it works. I agree it is a great way for building and maintaining relationships. I’m interested to see what will be the next phenomenon.

Comment #30

TOW 9 and 10: PR OpenMic by Brittany Maree

 You said 3 weeks ago:

I am not a fan of PR Openmic at all. I think it is confusing and has a little too many options on the page. I think that the creators should work on making a more user friendly site. Since singing up last year I have visited the site less than 3 times. Although I may not like it I definitely do agree that every PR practitioner should join it. If you can navigate through the site it has a lot of useful information and potential jobs. It is a way to network with other PR professionals across the world.