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The Maranda Writes

You HAVE the Right to know!!


Before you enter the public relations workforce please read the below list of the TOP 10 lessons I have learned.

  1. NETWORK as much as possible. This can never be said enough. It’s all about WHO you know, not WHAT you know.
  2. BLOG. Every person in PR should blog or if not know how to, and how to upload and edit content.
  3. Social Media, again if you are not into social media then you need to get into it. This is PR now.
  4. Make a portfolio of all the work that you have done regarding PR, whether it be paper, on a disc, or an online portfolio. Just have one!
  5. Keep a Rolodex or have some place to physically keep all numbers and contact info.  Things can get lost, broken, or stolen.
  6. Always follow-up on leads, this is how you will make your money.
  7. Research the field.  Stay updated on new advancements in your area or PR, so you can be ahead of the game.  Also research other PR firms to see what they have done right or wrong.
  8. It would not hurt to learn how to create websites.  Although you are in PR, try to learn as much as you can about the abilities that surround your field.
  9. Invest in a good jump drive and reliable lap top or computer, in PR this will be what you use daily.  You will not be able to operate without it.
  10. Do not give up.  There are a million PR practitioners out there, some with degree and some without.  You will get a lot of NO’s but stick in there.

You have the right to know!



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