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You HAVE the Right to know!!

Leaving blog comments is as important as blogging itself. If you are going to blog then you have to accept that you will have to leave blog comments.  They are a pivotal part of blogging.

Sometimes people may just not be commenting because they do not know that your blog even exists.  But other times there are certain things that you may not be doing to attract people to your blog.  I found an interesting post about ways to encourage people to leave comments on your blog at Here are four ways to encourage people to leave blog comments:

Ask a question at the end of your posts. Ask if people feel the same way, have more suggestions in the area or what’s working for them

Remove barriers to commenting. As a blogger, you should try to make it easy for readers to join the conversation. If you really want people to say something, don’t force them to sign in or leave your site or do long division (simple addition or typing a word as a spam catcher is okay, though).

Respond to comments to keep the conversation going. Again, don’t just talk at your readers, talk with them. In my own experience, I’ve received more comments when I respond to comments on my blog as well as commenting on others’ blogs.

Write about something interesting and universal. As obvious as this sounds, it’s important not to just write about yourself and your family. Of course, your life will be the main source for your blog, but take your posts to the next level by appealing to something that applies to more than just you and your spouse.

What are some additional ways you think can be helpful in driving traffic to your site?

You have the right to know


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