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You HAVE the Right to know!!

Since I have taken my first English class I have loved the idea of romantic dedications that ancient Roman philosophers used, odes.  Odes are types of lyrical verses.  In light of the Roman greats that came before me I am going to do my own version of an ode dedicated to my love for public relations.

I never knew what you were until I decided that I needed a major where I did not have to use math or science. 

I was currently a business major before I found you,  I was headed down the path to nowhere then I found the light

I sometimes dream of representing a big star in entertainment and making lots of money

I even joined an entertainment organization (Makin Moves and Confetti Ent) to be closer to you. It was a way for me to merge partying and business.

Most people think that you are not a real major, but they can say that until they have to write their first 10-page paper.

This gives me a way to feel important in the world. A blackberry and Apple Mac are the necessities in this profession.

In this world its all about looking the part. Image is everything.

Its about WHO you know not about HOW many people you know

I can write off clubbing and event going as expenses

Yes this may seem a little trivial , but this is my ode to PR

You have the right to know!


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