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You HAVE the Right to know!!

Reality TV reached its expansion period during the 2000’s. It has created stars and documented historic events. It is a way for America to see who we really are in a lense. Whether the images reflected are positive or negative, this is us America.  This is what you wanted. 

I find myself yearning for things to go back to the way they were. You know the good ol times!

You know you remember those pesky scripted that had intimate plots and themes?

Hey I love reality Tv shows, but I am also aware that the fictional persona displayed is not correctly reflecting the reality that I know of America. All of us do not live in million dollar houses and have obnoxious attitudes, obsessed with our looks and plastic surgery.

But this is what we are displayed as.

A study by Authors: Melvin L. DeFleur, PhD. and Margaret H. Defleur, Ph.D.called  the Learning to hate Americans study examined incidental learning by audience members to mass media. They interview 1313 high schoolers from 12 different countries (Western, Muslim, and Asian) about their perception of America. The study measures their attitudes about Americans in general by asking simple questions like, “are Americans violent”. They asked what media they attend to including what movies they have seen, TV shows. The results revealed that all countries except Italy and Argentina all had flawed and negative images as Americans.

Where do you think they got this from?

The Collateral Media Intrusion Theory says that the media affects people even though the interests of the message providers may not be purposeful.  Things can be portrayed in media content unknowingly to the provider.

These images people see are influencing their attitude and perspective on America based on the characters presented in our media.

Can you blame them?

If I were watching legally Blond, or Sex and the City movies I would naturally form my own opinions also. 

When will it come a time when we can present reality TV that is based on reality and it be popular or majority media content that is positive.

Probably never, and you want to know why?

Because all of the images we despise on TV is what we want to see. Media is based off of the consumer, they play what society is interested in?

Or do they create and shape societies interest because we do not have the power to create and monitor our own media.

I guess we can just blame it on the FCC. After all scape goating is after all major component of the guilt redemption theory. 

You have the right to know!


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