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You HAVE the Right to know!!

throughout my public relations classes I have been referred to many popular blogging sites created by public relations and communication specialists.  They have all the credentials and qualification in communication with all the educated sounding vocabulary.  From Waxman to Mann, yes I respect their contributions to social media and blogging.  Hey I guess its only right, they are like the founding fathers to us bloggers. But when visiting their sites I have found one common thing in common, they are all boring!

PR is fun and full of energy.  So how do they manage to make even the most creative and exciting components of PR such as social media, sound like a complete bore. I am 22 years old and barley a graduate of Georgia Southern University. And I often find myself just browsing through the overload of content looking for something that interest me.  The topics would probably be a lot more “reader-friendly” if they were more conversational. I thought this was one of the first rules of making a blogging, to make it easy to read.  But how come it feels like I am reading a school textbook.

Are all bloggers old wrinkly white people? I hope not, that would be boring. And very depressing for up and coming PR practitioners.  Does this mean that I have to wait until I am over 30 to have a repuitable blog in the world of bloggers?                                                                                        

All social media experts all say the same thing about social media so the only difference is how the material is presented.

Lets be honest, we all as bloggers consider our works contenders for the Pulitzer Prize in our minds.  But in all actuality we are all journalists showing our work to the world.  I am new to blogging and do not want to come off as a professional that  I surely am not. But I do not want blogs to lose their fun factor. 

As a blogger I vow to ….

– Always have fun blogging.

– Never use too many BIG words in my blog. Its a blog not a dictionary.

– Include A LOT of visual images  on my blog.  Too many words look like a textbook.

– Do a podcast every now and again so I can talk to my followers.

– Avoid boring topics. There is nothing about the blogging that should be boring. Hey its only the greatest thing to happen to the internet in life, social media.

I am going to write for my demographic, young socialists! No this will not be a gossip blog, and  I may not have all of the credentials of older bloggers. But the excellent thing about blogging is that we have the ability to cite sources.

You have the right to know!


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