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You HAVE the Right to know!!

I have never been the type to fit in nicely to set schedules. Of course this makes me a terrible candidate for a 9-5.  I have gotten tired of nearly every job that I have had that lasts for over a year. After I reach my limit I quit, and try and move on to a new thrill.

I often imagine myself owning my own  PR agency specializing in event planning, marketing, and of course PR . My dream is to work in the entertainment industry, specifically with artists. I have had this dream so much that I started my own company named the Butler Bridge Collective (The BBC). I have a collection of talents that I want to combine to give total benefits to my client. Now I named and researched how to start a business. I have even talked to a couple people that are interested in using my services. But I am still a little lost on what the next steps are. I found this article on that was helpful…

Business overview-

As a PR company your main focus is gaining as much media awareness for your client as possible.  So building connections with media outlets and companies is imperative.  Know your market and completely asses what it will take to get attention in that particular field. 

The Market

Since you will be starting out, you will be against already established companies that have a name and recognition already.  You will need to call favors from any contacts that you do have in the field.  Start your own campaign by direct mailing prospects and volunteer yourself as a guest on local radio and YV shows .


Lap top/ or desk top, laser printer, fax machine, reliable transportation, a phone with internet capabilities, and a scanner

This helped me out a little, so I hope that it will also be somewhat helpful to you also! Good luck!

You have the right to know!


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