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You HAVE the Right to know!!

I am a major fan of gossip blogging sites! I visit at least one everyday just to get my daily dose of celebrity news. I am aware that a lot of the news stories are greatly fabricated to get more hits, but I don’t care. I would like to think that I am a responsible receiver of persuasion (tee-hee!). Although I may be, I know that a lot of viewers may not be. They may take what they hear and take it as fact. For this reason I know that a lot of celebs wish that those pesky bloggers would fall off the face of the earth.

I am going to rate a couple of my favorite blogs for your viewing pleasure some may you may know and others you may not. … – This is my FAVORITE blog. I know that it has a lot of exaggerated (and often false) stories. But I love reading the crazy captions and reader comments. They have been known to be caught in more than one lie about a celebrity. I love the homepage because you are able to look at it, at work without being discovered since it does not have a lot of pictures. They report information fast. – This stands for The Young, Black, and Famous.  This site is always a little slow. But they have mediocre stories. They may not have a lot of the main headlines, but its good sometimes to read about more stories that aer not reported on the other blogs.  I do not like how they only have a couple of links per page, this is very annoying. – I am happy to see how this blog has grown, I met the creator not too long ago through a friend of mine. Most of his stories are second-hand, meaning he received it from other blog sources (he sites them). It is good to see an independent blogger making his way in Atlanta. Most of his stories are based out of celebrities around the Atlanta area. – This is my second favorite blog. It has some of the same stories from although they are supposed to be more factual.  The page loads fairly easy without  any problems. It has more pictures so it’s not as work friendly.  There are a lot of tags and links on the side where you can easily find your favorite story or celebrity. – I am in love with the pink haired queen that is Perez Hilton since I first saw him. He is an extremely reputable source for celebrity gossip  in all realms.  Where all of the above sites are urban, Perez covers dirty news from all races. His page loads very fast and I love his pictures with the scribble writing on them. Very good blog site. There are many updates throughout the day. – This is like the website that everyone hates to love. This is similar to an online version of the Enquirer with a little more factual evidence.  They gained a lot of respect for first reporting Michael Jackson’s death. They have more news from older celebs and people I don’t know. So i hardly ever visit this site, unless I have a link to a specific story. But a good site none the less.

You have the right to know!


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