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The Maranda Writes

You HAVE the Right to know!!

What is an entertainment compaines are usually urban group of people that host parties and other events for the purpose of raising money.  Now this is not a Websters dictionary term, more a Maranda definiton.

As a member of an Entertainment company (Makin Moves and Confetti, shameless plug) I want to expose the underworld that really runs the world.  We are the event and party planners that stimpuale the night life in all areas.  Whether you know how is hosting the party of the place that you go, yep most times it is powered by an Enteratinment company.

We are far more than minless jerks and party animals. We apply every single public relations textbook tactic when implemting a party. Our job is based on pleasing people, the root of customer service. A couple bad party reviews, or unhappy customers and you cant even fill up a a 100 capacity building. 

We use event planning skills daily, have meetings with clients ( other promoters, companies, and organizations), and even do PSA’s for radio’s and television. We design and pass out flyers, for the purpose of spreading awareness about our parties and events.  We cerate the theme and the information used in the promotional content. 

We use public relations everyday. We asses how our publics will react to certain themes and situations. Everything we do is to please our audience, for the overall goal of making money. 

Is this not the same goal of every other PR firm?

You have the right to know?


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