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You HAVE the Right to know!!

Following the highly publicized 2008 break up of Chris Brown and Rihanna a media frenzy and social awareness campaign followed.  Brown a teen, pop sensation break out star was on the way to complete superstardom.  With comparisons to such greats such as Michael Jackson and Usher at an early age, he was already a big ticket star with the smash hits, “Run It” and “Wall to Wall.” Rihanna was an equally promising star with a grunge and pop vibe she was gaining popularity under the wing of Jay-Z.

The couple which was rumored to be dating towards the end of 2007, they were the perfect twosome. But when reports surfaced of an altercation between Brown and Rihanna after the couple left a 2009 Pre-Grammys award show.  The two stars careers would never be the same after. This dilemma presented difficulties for any Puiblic realtions team to repaird the damaged image of these two seemingly cleam role models.  Both stars were instructed to lay low after the problem, but the affairs of a reunion between the two, ignited the emotions of women across the world.  Riahnna became a spokesman for battered women across the world. Going on Oprah, Good Morning America, and 20/20 painting Brown as an angry attacker. Brown’s team had to act and quickly respond, by issuing a public apology that aired on all major TV channels and having an interview with  Larry King.

Both stars released CD’s during the same time. But Brown’s sold far less than Rihanna’s and indicator of his fainting acceptance in the public’s eye. Radio DJ’s refused to play his music, he was not allowed to perform at shows, lost endorsements with Wrigleys gum and G-Shock, and worst of all he was labeled as a domestic abuser.

Now, the public relations teams for both stars are practicing the, “out of sight, out of mind” policy.  If they act like the problem does not exist then maybe the public will forget about it. This is paying off now because, Brown has a coupld of major upcoming appearances sceheduled, showing that his approval ratings are improving.

Both stars are instructed to steer clear of each other to avoid any further problems. And have both since moved on with their love life.  This was a tough deal for both PR team, but this shows how the media can be your best friend, or your worse enemy.


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