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You HAVE the Right to know!!

You can become an instant overnight celebrity with the creation of viral videos.  Justin Bieber and Melanie Fionna have gained record deals from the popularity of their self-made videos singing.

There is not a specific formula for creating a viral video. First you might want to start with a group of people who are willing to support your video.  Of course popularity is based on the number of hits your video receives.  I have found a couple viral videos that are my favorite that I have attached for your viewing pleasure..

I died when I first saw this video .. very cute and very good PR for Chris Brown since this was realised shortly after the “Rihanna incident”

This is one the first videos I saw from Justin Bieber after hearing that Usher signed a new teen act. I was instantly impressed and I have been a 21 and older fan since then.

Everyone knows the Pants On The Ground song after the American Idol season premier. It has been an instant favorite, being played in bars and even earned the honor of receiving remixes from legitimate artists. 

You have the right to know!


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