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You HAVE the Right to know!!

Professor Nixon interviewed Martin Waxman.  I will summarize the 25 minute interview using the 3-pronged approach..

What did you learn?

– Martin Waxman created the Palette PR agency based out of Toronto, Canada.  He called it a boutique agency (which is a term I plan on using from now on).

– After working for an international PR agency for a couple years he created his own agency. Specializing in consumer marketing. Biggest client is a couple product lines from the Canadian Proctor and Gamble. Is also President of the Canadian Society of Public Relations  

– Also teaches classes at McMaster University on how to apply social media to public relations.

– Employers want graduates to know traditional skills of media relations and have an understanding of social media although they do not HAVE to be active. (Although it is strongly advised)

What surprised you?

-Waxman said that he finds it easier to make a podcast then write a blog. 

-when he first started his PR agency he did so because they hated the idea of billable hours.   Now they think that it is a wonderful, must have for all agencies. 

– New reality of PR is multi-tasking. You have to know how to do multiple things at once.    

-Waxman said that he had to decline offering someone a job because their blog had multiple misspelled words.  He advised students to closely monitor their blog for spelling and grammatical errors.  

-PR people hate the word “branding”

What do you want to know more about?

-How to monitor twitter for ways to interact and engage.

-I want to learn more about the South by Southwest conference in Austin, TX.

Follow Martin Waxman on twitter @martinwaxman or visit his blog PR Palette

You have the right to know!


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