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You HAVE the Right to know!!

Ever wondered how the decline of Myspace lead to the rise of Twitter?? Well tune into the podcast WPYT- Radio in the Boro to “Girl Talk,” with radio jockeys Maran Saran and Jazzy James to fine out! Follow the attached link below to listen and follow along with the attached notes for easy reading!

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“GIRL TALK” with Jayme Stroud and Maranda Butler

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Welcome to our radio show on WPYT the People’s Station 

  • Introduction of Speakers
  • Introductory conversation and background topic information

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Brief History of Myspace

  • Reasons why it is declining

 1.Controversy – Child safety and stalker cases

  1. “Portal strategy” site while Myspace and Facebook focus their attention on social media solely
  2. Inability to update and change with the times. They have a slow response time.
  3. Other sites such as You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook have all of the components of Myspace but better
  4. The “it” factor of social media sites. They are hot for the moment.

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Brief History of Twitter

Reasons why it is on the rise

  1. People can post on Twitter in over 20 languages…can Myspace do that?
  2. Twitter is a better advertising tool and it gives more opportunity for consumers to voice their opinion about it.
  3. Let’s talk about “lurking”
  4. Communication is instantaneous

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 Questions from callers/tweeps

 Thanks for tuning in to Girl Talk on WPYT the People’s Station…Catch you next week!

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Below are topic plans for future “Girl Talk” podcasts

1.       Podcast #1-The Twitter takeover and the decline of Myspace

 The first podcast that we introduce to the public is an introduction podcast. This podcast is formulated to introduce the listeners to who we are and what we do. We are also going to talk about how twitter’s presence has affected MySpace’s popularity.  

2.       Podcast #2-Bye Bye Myspace

 During this podcast we are going to focus more on the decline of Myspace as well as give potential reasons for the decline. This podcast is made to allow listeners to grasp what Myspace was really for and what it is still used for.

3.       Podcast #3-Getting to know Twitter

 This podcast would take the listener through the steps of getting started on twitter, whether personally or professionally. We are going to explain the steps one should take in order to achieve a twitter presence through picking the correct name for yourself or business. We want the listener to take away information on how to appeal to the public without having to overwhelm them with spam DMs and mass follows.

4.       Podcast #3-Fun ways Twitter can be incorporated into your life and workplace

This podcast discusses different ways to interact with people on a more social level. Everyone on twitter is not your friend already, but it is possible to create bonds with people just by using this form of social media. Using twitter on a professional level; however, is very different than using it socially. It is important to distance your personal twitter from your professional twitter, just in case your personal life is not a good reflection upon your business. This podcast is going to walk listeners through steps of creating a professional twitter name to searching their twitter presence to how to get people buzzing about their business.

 5.       Podcast #5-Branding yourself or businesses through Twitter

Twitter is not so easy to penetrate. People are internationally tweeting and it is important for businesses to know what they are talking about. Twitterville used a term called lurking. Lurking is when someone is watching twitter very closely without actually being involved in it. Companies “lurk” to see what exactly their key publics are talking about. This podcast is going to give suggestions on how you can use to make yourself or your business big. Disc jockeys do this all the time. They constantly send out links to different mix tapes and exclusive music to broaden their fan base. In order to brand yourself successfully you have to offer the public what they want. If you’re a comedian, offer jokes, if you’re a musician, offer music, if you’re anything else, offer things that will appeal to your targeted publics.

You have the right to know!


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