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You HAVE the Right to know!!

I created a PR Open Mic account around August 2009, as a requirement for one of my previous public relations classes. It is now March 30 2010 and I have not done much other than add the necessities to my information and add a picture. I was told that it was an excellent networking tool for public relations majors and practitioners for our field.  But after going onto the page for the first time I found it terribly confusing.  There are so many options that one can get overwhelmed. It is not hard to see that I am not a big fan of the site, It is important for PR majors to join as many trade sites as possible to increase our scope and stay updated on information.  As you know PR is all about who you know. Any opportunity to get your face out there and be seen is helpful. It is only useful, if you use it. Don’t be like me, actually get active in the site. I know plenty of people who find the website useful and, visit it daily. If you have not created an account yet look out for these cool features…  

 They have added a new feature similar to Twitter that allows you to update your statuses..

 For recent and future college grads there is a JOBS/INTERNS that allows you to search for employment opportunities in your field..

You can add APPLICATIONS to personalize your page..

You can add start a discussion on the message board, on the FORUM tab about any topic, or respond to one that you fine interesting.

 These are just some features I found interesting. But don’t be shy, go ahead and sign up at and create your FREE profile today and form your own opinion!

 You have the right to know!


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