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You HAVE the Right to know!!

A podcast is a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication (Wikepedia). Users are able to directly access and download information directly from the web, where the media files can be stored and then viewed offline. Podcasting combines “ipod” and “broadcasting” and is not considered such unless it has actual subscribers involved in the process.

What would drive an organization to podcast?

Podcasting is a way to have a more personable relationship with consumers.  Instead of using text, you are able to digitally record voice and use recording, to visually demonstrate.  This can be extremely beneficial promoting and marketing mechanism for such companies. Media files can be easily transferred between computers.  Users are able to access podcasts on Windows Media player, ipods, iRiver, or any other media player on their computer.  

Ebert and Roper, libraries, and even the White House podcasts! Here is a link for local podcasts in your area ..

What’s the importance of shownotes?  

Shownotes is the written summary or outline for your podcast.  They pprovide a convenient outline of topics and links mentioned in your show and bring new visitors to your site and turn them into listeners.  This is usually included in the beginning of your blog post in the introduction.  It provides the structural information for the podcast.  Listeners should be able to follow along with the podcast with adequate shownotes.  

What technology can you use for podcasting?

To podcast you will NEED all of the following ….

A computer with audio input capabilities – most personal computer whether laptop or desktop will have these. Although a microphone or other recording device for recording may be needed if you do not already have one.

Audio recording software Audacity (free), ($200), ($349)

These are the necessities for small podcasting, for businesses or those looking to service a large scope of subscribers additional equipments is required.  This can be very pricey so make sure to research the equipment beforehand.  

How PR majors will find it useful?

Blogging is a major component of being a publicist.  Since 2004, when podcasting became popular PR professionals have been infusing this new form of media into their everyday blogging.  It is another way to have ocular media representation of information described in your blog.  Podcating is the future of PR.   

You have the right to know!


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