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Chapter 1- Why the Groundswell- and why now?

the Groundwell trend is a social trend in which people use technologies to get the things theyneed from each other, rather than from traditional institutions like corporations. includes blogs,  social networks (myspace, facebook, youtube)

Groundswell comes from the collision of three forces: people, technology, and economics.

The groundswell is coming to you whether you know it or not advertisers are shifting more of their money online. It is creating its own news sites like Google NEWS OR Diggs News
Some people are scared of the groundswell but the first thing for curing that is to dabble in it.

Chapter 2- Jujitsu and the technologies of the groundswell

The Groundswell is like any other human activity.  If you understand it, you can work with it or even thrive in it.  This is groundswell thinking.

In the groundswell, relationships are everything.  The way people connect with each other – the community that is created- determines how the power shifts.

A blog is a personal or group of journal entries containing written thoughts, links, and often pictures.
Blog reading is one of the most popular activates on the Groundswell, one in four Americans reading blogs.
They enable relationships by reading and commenting on other people’s blogs.  These interlinking relationships create the blosphere,
They threaten institutional power because bloggers may sometimes mix fact and opinion, report rumors, and fail to disclose conflicts of interest.
You can use blogs by reading blogs that talk about your company and see what people are saying, comment on blogs, start your own blog, and podcast.
In relation to social media networks (facebook, linkedn….
-how they work? Members create profiles, connect with each other and interact.
-participation – one in four Americans online visit social media networking sites at least monthly.
– they enable relationships because social networking sites and virtual worlds are by definition about the facilitation of relationships with technologies.
– How they threaten institutional power because people constantly check the sites and this time spent threatens media companies.
In relation to Wikis and open source…
Wikis- sites that support multiple contributors with shared responsibilities for creating and maintaining content, typically focused around text and pictures.
–    At least 22% of online American adults say they used Wikipedia at least once monthly.
–    They enable relationships because they include “talk pages” parallel to each page where contributors discuss and fight what ought to be included,
–    May include unofficial reports and unflattering information.
In relation to forums, ratings, and reviews…
–    How they work they can log in and post comments and respond to other comments.
–    One in 5 online Americans and Japanese participate in discussion forums.
–    They boost buy rates for retailers.
–    They are like slow-motion conversations enabling people to respond to each other online.
In relations to tags…
–    tags have become the standard way that sites add people-driven organization.
–    Those who classify and organize the online world will determine how we see hat world.
–    Tags define individuals, but relationships based on tags a re subtle.
–    You have no control over how people classify you or your products. this can be an institutional problem.
In relation to Rss and Widgets…
–    RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It brings you updates instead of going to other sites.
–    Widgets are like mini-apps that connect to the Internet but have a specific function.
–    One in 12 Americans says they use the RSS feed.
–    Subscribing to an RSS feed enables a social activity to occur because a person can subscribe to more blogs, monitor more social networks, and stay connected with people.
–    Can be excellent marketing tools especially in regards to pushing out regularly updated content on your customers.
Groundswell technology test, when evaluating a new technology ask yourself this …
Does it enable people to connect with each other in a new way?
It is an open platform that invites partnerships?
Does the community generate enough content to sustain itself?
Does it shift power from institutions to people?

Chapter 3- The social technologies profile

Social technologies Profile is a way to group people based on the groundswell activities in which they participate. It includes the following groups:
Creators, critics, collectors, joiners, spectators, and inactives.
– people over 50 are not as present in the groundswell at the levels of younger consumers.
-Reasons people participate in the groundswell.
keeping up friendships, making new friends, succumbing to social pressure from existing friends, paying it forward, the altruistic impulse, the prurient impulse, the creative impulse, the validation impulses based, the affinity impulse,
-the biggest groundswell challenge is whether you are accomplishing a useful business goal and on top of that how you will measure that success and then prove that the groundswell  effort was worth it.

PART 2. Tapping the grounswell

Chapter 4- Strategies for tapping the groundswell

Groundswell Approach Avoidance syndrome symptoms –
–    Strong and obsessive in online media content.
–    Excessive salivation upon hearing much-repeated stories
–    Checking the mega blogs
–    Increasing nervousness about answering superiors about web 2.0 strategies.
–    Anxiety at the thought of missing out on technology and the same anxiety about
The four step planning process, starting with the questions, that you should use to build your groundswell strategy…

– what are your customers ready for?

-What are your goals?

– How do you want relationships with your customers to change?

-What applications should you build?

Five objectives that a cmpany can pursue in teh groundswell.

– listening, talking, energizing, supporting, and embracing.

Businesses are also valubale in the groundswell strategy.

Suggestions for improving the groundswell..

– create a plan that starts small but hasd room to grow.

– think through the consequesces for your startegy.

Put somebody important in charge of it.

use great care in sleecting your technology and agency partners.

Chapter 5- Listening to the Groundswell

Your brand is whatever  your customers say it is. And in the groundswell where they communicate with each other.

Two listening strategies…

1)      Set up your own private community 2) Begin brand monitoring.

There is no proof that online buzz leads directly to sales in every industry but it is relational.

Listening is perhaps the most essential neglected skill in business.

6 reasons why …

-Find out what your brand stands for.

– Understand how buzz is shifting.

-Save research money; increase research responsiveness.

– Find the sources of influence in your market.

-Manage PR crisis

– generate new product and marketing ideas.

Listening plan that will help you succeed…

1)Check the social technologies profile, 2)start small, think big, 3)make sure your listening vendor has dedicated an experiences team to your effort 4) Choose a senior person to interpret he information and integrate it with your sources

Chapter 6- Talking with Groundswell  

The marketing department mainly works with advertising and marketing departments.

PR aims at exposure in free media. 

Customer in the middle of the funnel are engaged in convo on blogs, in discussion forums, and in social networks.

Techniques for talking with the Groundswell

  1. Post a viral video  2) Engage in social networks and user-generated content sites 3) Join the blogsphere 4) Create a community

Tips for successful blogging…

1)      Start by listening 2)Determine a goal for the blog 3)Estimate the ROI 4)Develop a plan 5) Reherse 6) Develop an editorial process 7) Design the blog and its connection to your site 8) Develop a marketing plan so people can find the blog 9) Remember, blogging is more writing 10) Final advice: be honest

Marketing departments will need to develop new skills to listen, and then respond to, feedback from the groundswell.

Viral videos are best for punching through the noise-the awareness problem.

Social networks are the best solution for word-of-mouth problems.

All of the following sections are from The Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization by Deltina Hay

Chapter 1 – Creating your own social media strategy p 23 – 40

– There are three things to keep in mind when optimizing your presence in the social web: interactivity, sharing, and collaboartion.

– interactivity with the internet can be writing blog posts, commenting on blog posts, participating in social networking communities.

– Its  a difference between optimizing your presence in the social web VS optimizing your website for the socail web. 

– Choose tools that bet fit your personality and interests.

  • Social networking sites are a good way to have healthy profiles on one if not two of the social networking sites.
  • Other social platforms are a good addition to your strategic tool kit
  • These sites have become as popular as blogging. highly recommended
  • Social Calendars – consider if you attend a lot of events of parties
  • Podcasting are not difficult to create and is good for insrtuctional material.

Chapter 5 – Podcasting, Vidcasting, and Webcasting p. 121-136

– A podcast is different from any other video because you can download or stream from the internet is that a podcast can be syndicated and subscribed to.  It includes both audio and visual files. Here is a general plan for creating podcastas:

  • record and prepare a podcast episode
  • Upload the episode to the internet
  • Publish the epsiode to a blog
  • Create your own podcast feed to FeedBurner
  • promote your podcast to your website or blog and in podcast directories.

– Use free voice recorder websites like Audacity to record voice for your podcast.

-Podcasts can easily be added to WordPress and other sites easily.

– podcasts can be optimized if you add them to FeedBurner.  It is a free site that allows you to easily expose your podcst to the masses!

– there are also podcast directories for submissions of podcasts.

– Webcasting is an online broadcast,and usually consists of a series of uploaded videos.  They can be viewed either on Webcasting sites or embedded into your Website or blog.

  • They are also called channels, like Youtube , blogTV,

Chapter 6 – Social Networking & Micro-Blogging p 137 -176

-Social networking is one of the most powerful social media strategies. They are effective outlets for finding new customers and readers.

-Facebook is listed as one of the most popular and fast growing social media sites. Below are the components of the site..

  • The Feed – where you view lists of posts that others in your network have added to their profiles (and where they view yours)
  • The Wall – where all of your posts are listed along with commentds from your friends
  • Applications – add-ons that Facebook or other developers have ceated.
  • Groups – anyone can create a group of people with similiar interests.
  • People Search – a tool for findign your friends
  • Messages and Requests – friends messages and friend requests
  • Pages and Advertising – You can create a fan page or have product advertisements

– Facebook pages are good for marketing a buiness, product, or personality.  Its a way for businesses to represent themeselevs and their products online.

– Facebook pages are indexed in search engines, making them easy to find when searching them.

– Applications are also a fun way to spice up your page, since you cannot personalize it. Below are some images..

  • Book Share Books this application lets readers share their favorite books with friends, as well as well as rate them and comment on them.
  • My Flickr lets you display photos from your Flickr account.  You can display photos , logos, book covers, and any other image. 
  • YouTube box allows you to visit your personal videos on your page
  • RSS – Connect allows you to display RSS feeds on your faceook page. 

-Other popular social networking sites..

  • Myspace, is like a mix between Facebook page and a FAcebook profile but it allows you to personalize your page. 
  • LinkedIn is a professional networking site focused on professional experience and expertise.
  • Twitter – is considered a micro-bloggin platform. A hybid between blogging and socail networking sites. It allows you to post statuses in less that 140 characters.

– Examples of good ways to promote your social network presence is on

  • Dalton Publishing
  • The Hidden Lands of the Nod
  • Digital Growth Strategies
  • ComedySportz

– Tips to remebe when social networking

  • Read and follow the sites terms of use
  • Upload a profile image or logo when available
  • Join groups relevant to your area of expertise or interest.
  • Do not turn your back on your investmet: keep your social networking presence dynamic by contributing to it frequently.

-They are effective outlet

Chapter 7 – Social Networking & Micro-blogging p177- 193

– Social bookmarking is a way for you to save your favorite blogs and websites in a public space tha same way you might save them using your own Web browser.  Instead of allowing search engines to provide you with the best matches to yoru searches.

-Delicious is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites for free. You can enter search terms that return resulting websites tha tother memebrs have tagged with teh same search terms.

– After adding Delicious once visiting a site that you like simply click the “post to delicious” button.

– before chooisng a site become familiar with its rules and guidelines. Visit Technorati,StumbleUpon, and Searchles rankings and background before adding the social site to your bookmarks.

– Crowd-Sourced news site allows its users to determine the popularity of a news story, blog entry, or Website through various types of voting or rating systems

  • They are differ from social bookmarking sites becasue they focus primarily on sharing news and information about stories.
  • be sure to offset your own content by contributing other content as well.
  • Reddit, mixx, Gabbr are all crowd surfing sites

– Create a sheet with the web pages and blog posts you plan to add to bookmarking and crowd-sourced news sites, along with some of your best key terms as tage and descriptions that also include those key terms. 

Chapter 8 – Media Communities p 195 – 220

-Media communities are social sites where you can save, share, and comment on multimedia terms.

– One of the most populat image sharing sites is Flickr..

  • Probably the most popualr sites for image sharing on  the internet.
  • A “pro” account is about $25 dollars a year.
  • you have the option of making them public or private to the public.
  • Has 3 simple steps for uploading images ..1)Choosing your image, 2) Uploading your images, 3)Giving your uploaded images good titles, descriptions, and tags.

– A flickr badge is a widget that you can place on your website or blog that displays images from Flickr account as a small gallery. 

– It is a good idea to organize your images in groups for easy viewing. 

-YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing sites..

  • When uploading videos follow the same directions as image sharing.
  • You can create your own personal page for your YouTube channels
  • You can also add favorite videos of your favorite videos

– The purpose of media sharing communities is for people to connect with other through a shared medium like images and video.

Chapter 9 – Widgets and Badges p221 – p.257

-Widgets are snipppets of codes, usually displayed graphically, that can be used to syndicate content, or to add interactive features that users can add to their blog and personal web pages.

  • Some widgets allow you show off your socail media presence while others or small icons with links to other pages.
  • Twitter, LinkedIn, and Shelfari, and Ning

-Media communitites are Flickr , YouTube, and other social media pages.

-Blidgets are from the Widgetbox community, which is a customizable widget that allows users to display your feed on their site.

– AddtoAny has a nice widget that visitors to bookmark or share your site or blgo on preferred social bookmarking and crowd-sourcing sites.

– allows you to filter stories on your widget by topic, author, or nay number of other ways.

– Widgets on are display your bookmarks as a tag cloud. 

– Lijit “wijits” lets your readers search your content over the web, along with your networs content.

– Amazon and Google Ads  sites allow you to use widgets to make money on your site. 

– Widgets used in the sidebars are are a conveient way to post your widgets for easy access. They will be displayed on the page constantly.

– Some widgets can be connected to individual blog posts so users can be linked to specific content.

– Widgetbox, Clearspring, and SpringWidgets are some examples of widget communities.

– Direcototies are netvibes ecosystem and Google Gadget directoy

– It is important to remember when adding widgets do not crowd your page with content and widgets

Chapter 10 – Social Media Newsrooms p 259 -281

-A social media newsroom is a place where all the mediums meet for an event or situation.  They are places where you can:

  • View all your major media coverage.
  • See all of your past and presetn news releases.
  • Download multimedia material like photos, company logos, podcasts, vidcasts.
  • Send you an instant message using AIM, Yahoo Messaging, MSN, Skype.
  • See all Technorati tags related to your content.

-Steps to bulidng your own social media newsroom…

  • Install WordPress (or other CMS) and create an original theme
  • Design the Functionality of the Theme – The sites needs to lay flat, no navigation on the page that leads to other websites pages.Create a media, news, reviews, events, team, multimedia, adn social media pages on your account. 

– Each section above needs to contain; media coverage, news releases, events, social media, multimedia, and team and authors.

– Here is checklist of things to make sure you have in your media newsroom…

  • folders for the main sections on your homepage
  • A user friendly icon sets for quick links
  • Carefulyl create copies of images on PDF pages for easy viewing.
  • Collect all of the HTML codes and links for your pages also.
  • get a free burner account to burn a main feed to your newsroom.
  • Create a delicious account.
  • Technorati accounts are also strongly advised for checking the popularity of your page.

– PRWeb is a tool for creating your own social media newsroom

Chapter 11 More Social Media Tools p.283-290

– Social Calendars is a convenient way to get extra exposure by posting and highlighting your events in one place for everyone to see.

– Social pages are sites where, instead of creating a page about yourself, or your product.  Squidoo allows you to find people that you care to know more about instead of just for the sake of finding people to follow.

– Wiki (Hawaiian for “fast”) allows anyone to update information, and functions as a public free encyclopedia.

– Social Search Portals allows users to search topics within your blog or website . Swicki is a product that allows you to create a search portal for free.

-Virtual worlds are virtual 3-D worlds created by participants.  

Chapter 12 – Pulling it Together p291-300

Wesbsites are optimized by:

can users interact with the content?

Can visitors share the content easily with others?

Does the site encourage collaboration?

Social medi and web 2.0 optimizted means optimizing for interactivity, sharing, and collaboration.

-advises you to feed your images from FLickr or o ther image sharing sites into your social accounts that have the option.

– Give step-by-step directions into how to add videos to your social media pages. 

– Streamlinig tools such as allow you to acces and managae all of your social media pages on one sites.

-here a couple of questions to ask yourself when tryin to decide if you should add a  certain social media site?

  • Does it allow you to pipe in images from your image sharing site?
  • Is the site listed as an option by sharing-widgets like AddtoAny?
  • Do blogging platforms like WordPress have plugins that allow you t ointegrate teh new tools into your blog?
  • Does it allow you to embedd videos? 

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