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You HAVE the Right to know!!

Tow 6: Listen to Shel Holtz, Mark Ragan and others discuss “concerns and objections around adoption of social media communication channel.”

On October 16, 2008 Ragan Communications held a conference titled, “Corporate Communications in the Era of Web 2.0,”  about corporate blogging.  CEO Mark Ragan mediated the conference and served as the curious but apprehensive CEO of a company that wanted to use blogging.  Below I will synathacize the web conference to highlight the best pieces of information.

Mark Ragan- Why make blogs??

         Shel Holtz – Customers are having conversations about our brand we should care enough to engage them.  ROI (return on investment) of a blog is raised if we engage.  It is a way to interact and communicate directly with people.

Mark Ragan – Who writes the blogs?

       Vida Killian – Outside of corporate blogs sponsored by the company employees can write blogs about specific products, potential problems, and issues. 

Terry Mckenzie – You cannot blog on occasion, you have to have time to build the blog.  If you do not have time to invest in a blog then do NOT start one!

Mark Ragan – my lawyers might have a problem with blogs because they are so uncensored. Is there no control?

    Jim Ylisela – You cannot control your customers but it is a way to hear what people are saying about your product.   This is a channel to immediately correct any problems or concerns. 

I like how the panel was open format and informal.  It was creative how Mark Ragan served as an uninformed CEO scared of the possibilities of blogging. It allowed the panel to answer the questions from the perspective of an uninformed audience. 


“You have the right to know!”


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