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You HAVE the Right to know!!

TOW 5:After reading Search Engine Visibility, an Edelman Insights paper by Steve Rubel and others at Edelman Digital, react to it using the three-pronged approach (discussed earlier in this blog post).

After reading the above article I will give in a summary in reference to the three prong approach:

What did you learn?

Every page on the Internet is  ranked from one to 10 (Google’s  PageRank system) based on the number of “hits” they receive, or number of people visiting their site.

I am  a user and advent supporter of twitter (@mbutle) but  I am still interested to learn more about how it affects corporations.  This article states that corporations that their online website as  the only  online presence are far behind those that use other sites such as, twitter.

A reputational search program is the way that a company builds their presence on search engine site increasing visibility.  It blends PR tactics and Search engine optimization (SEO). There are three basic components to a Reputational Search program:  research/planning, content development and measurement. These mirror a typical SEO program.

What surprised you

The article used the term “Google Juice,” in reference to the mythical powers or good luck a site’s popularity.

Sites that are ranked low in Googles ranking can improve their position by creating media or blog sites with keywords or subjects pertaining to it.

72.4% of  searchers do not venture past the first page when viewing sites from search engines.

search engine and blogging occupy 10% of online use time.

What do you want to know more about?

I have researched search engine marketing and optimized search in an advertising class. But as a PR practitioner it is important for me to be up to date and aware of this.

I am also interested in learning more about how to build corporate digital embassies and other ways to increase my visibility online.  although it gave valuable information and such in the article, I would like to see the information applied to blogging.

The three-prong approach can be applied to all fields of study and used for dissecting literature.  I would advise you to read the attached article, it offers useful advise in regards to advertising, public relations, and marketing methods on websites and blogs.

You have the right to know!


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