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You HAVE the Right to know!!

TOW 4: Adam Vincenzetti asked for his followers on Twitter to give their definitions of social media in 140 characters or less. Below is a list of responses I feel adequately define social media along with my own personal definition.

 @JoanneJacobs Social Media are tools & services which facilitate communication between individuals for decision-making, cultural exchange & conversation…….Social media is a direct reflection of society’s cultures, values, and norms. 

@mattsingley Social media is online content & communication that is interactive & dynamic, not controlled by any one person or entity….The greatest thing about social media sites is that everybody has a voice on an equal playing field.  It is almost a completely uncensored landscape, with multiple mediums.

@SuzieLinSM is all about interacting & engaging to build relationships. It allows the world to connect & facilitates the exchange of info & ideas…Social media gives you a chance to network and talk to people who you would not normally interact with on a daily basis. You are then able to learn and build from a wide scope of individuals. 

@RichQuigley (Part B) SM is an opportunity 2 partcip8 in the evolution of communications & 2 disregard everything u have ever learned about spelling & punk2ation….Internet has reached a new plateau since the recent social media craze.  All grammatical guidelines and format (APA, MLA) go out the window in this forum.  This is one of the things, I love and hate about social media! Dont be afraid to use spell check.

@NikHewitt Where friends, fans, & evangelists are your PR team. Where everything is immediate. Where personal opinion is valued over direct marketing…The opinions of the people you follow on twitter, seem to matter more than the opinions of known professionals.  Word-of-mouth marketing is social media in the flesh.   

@LeilaMakki Social media has managed to make anyone with a Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin account think they are a ‘social media expert’!…Sad, but true! There are countless bloggers that mask themselves as experts on a topic, although they may or may not have any credentials. 

@mbutle social media is people interacting on a variety of mediums promoting, communicating, and researching through technology.

There are a number of definitions that can be used for social media, but regardless of how you define it. All that matters is that you USE it! It does not matter what field you are in, social media transcends all realms and categories.4

You have the right to know!!!


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