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The Maranda Writes

You HAVE the Right to know!! defines a public as, communities of people at large (whether or not organized as a groups) that have direct or indirect association with an organization: cusomters, employees, investors, media, students, etc.

Public relations practicioners segment publics to classify there market into common characteristics of a particular message or campaign.  Publics can be classified according to:

Demographics – age, income, sex, occupation

Lifestyle – A way of life or style of living the reflects the attitudes and beliefs of a particular group.

Generations – The entire body of individuals born and living within the same time. Broken down into generation babyboomers (1945-1965), X (1961-1981), and Y (1979-1999), Z (2000-late 2000’s).   

Income – Amount of money that you make.

Social class – lower, middle, and upper class.

Life Stages –  relates to age and the stages people move through in adulthood, these stages are categorized by the characteristics an tasks people share.

For example, I would be classified in the African-American, 20 – 30 bracket, college student, generation X, income below 10,000 a year.

As a member of the population you choose to become a member of each segment of the public based on the life choices that you make.  If you choose to study to become a doctor, than your income group would be classified within the $70,000 and above bracket.  Of course some options are a imposed before maturity such as certain demographics, such as age, sex, and race, along with generation. 

You have the right to know!



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