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You HAVE the Right to know!!

Every bloggers worst nightmare… Adding a new thought provoking and time consuming blog post and patiently waiting the response of  your readers.  Only to have it slaughtered the next day by feedback from unsatisfied bloggers.  Did they even read your blog completely? Were they respectful in there repsonse?

Comments are a vital part of blogging, they are similar to ratings on most popular TV shows. Success of a blog page is measured by the number of responses and comments from readers.  All bloggers strive to receive comments because it reflects the traffic of readers and popularityof the blog. 

Is there a such thing as blogger commenting etiquette? I would say, most definitely. We as responsible bloggers have an unspoken obligation to leave respectful blogging comments to help the author.  There is nothing wrong with expressing your opinion about an issue but it most be done tastefully. says, “So first of all make sure that you are adding value to the conversation with your comment. That should be something easy and natural if you comment on blogs that are related to your niche. You should have endless things to talk about the topics you like after all, right?”

The “Seven deadly sins when writing blog comments”. It lists the seven things to avoid when leaving blog comment as:

  1. highlighting or bolding your comment
  2. signing your comment
  3. Including a second (or third) link to your website
  4. Leaving comment without reading the article first
  5. Leaving a one-word comment
  6. leaving a second track back
  7. Leaving a comment as if you were the know-it-all guru on the subject

Comments are also benficial to bloggers becuase they can increase the traffic to their own sites by adding comments to other blogs. But BLOGGERS BEWARE of bloggers that leave comments and links for the sole reason of attracting readers to their personal page.  You might become blocked from other pages if bloggers realize your “dirty” scheme.  

I found this helpful list at Blog Hearld of rules for avoiding leaving comments on useless blogs:

  1. too many or ugly ads
  2. more business than personal
  3. no human
  4. no original comments
  5. spam filled comments
  6. lots of signed comments
  7. closed comments on old posts
  8. ugly and old fashioned
  9. different fonts in different posts
  10. CAPTCHAS, Quizzes, and Human-versus-machine Tests
  11. Blogspot/Blogger Blogs
  12. Selling WordPress Stuff

You have the right to know!



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