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You HAVE the Right to know!!

Creating this WordPress blog has encouraged me to research more into the history of blogs. Up until two years ago I don’t ever think I ever recognized what the term really meant.  It seems as if the creation of the mass marketing tool has come out of thin air.

A blog is a web page controlled by an individual or group expressing their personal thoughts or comments in an open format.  The ease of creating blogs is the main reason why people are seeking them out, whether as a viewer or writer. Blogs can be for corporations, personal usage, industries or genres.

The earliest blog reported in 1994 was a personal blog from Swarthmore College student Justin Hall.  The first bloggers classified themselves in the same realm as journalists or literary writers, and considered themselves professionals in there topics.

With the help of politicians and government official’s blogging was made mainstream in 2004 using the public domains as a platform to express their political views.

Now blogs are used throughout all sectors from business to health and, most popularly entertainment.  In fact gossip blog sites TMZ and Perez Hilton rank in the top 5 most popular blog sites.  With 58,000,000 recorded visitors for TMZ and 36,000,000 Perez Hilton monthly visitors tracked according to

Advertisers and marketers have turned to blog sites as the new age promotional tool for the current generation.  Popular bloggers offer space to corporations in exchange for a set price.

This being my first blog has truly proved to me the power of words.  I have the power to publish my personal thoughts and opinions to the masses at my fingertips!

But with this power comes great responsibility.  Bloggers must be cautious of this very same fact when publishing posts to there blog.  You can and will be judged for any errors in your opinion and grammatical errors.  So be careful and carefully edit your document before posting.

Although I highly recommend WordPress as a platform site for creating blogs there are a number of other sites that offer similar services. Such as:

“You have the right to know!”



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