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Jawar When I was asked to interview a professional related to the field of public relations for class my thoughts immediately went to Jawar.  

I met Jawar while I was interning at SESAC (a major music licensing company).  He was the speaker for our bi- weekly “Tempo Tuesdays,” where each week a different professional spoke about a topic relating to the music business.  Jawar’s topic was about manipulating social media to maximum potential to viral market yourself. An advent twitter user himself, (boasting over 2000 tweets!), he inspired me to create my twitter account. And was actually one of the first people I started following.

Jawar is a “jack-of-all-trades,” if you will. He is a motivational speaker, authored over 20 hard back and e-books (How to Self-Publish for Profit, Twitter Resource Book, Music Industry Connection Book Series, Atlanta Modeling Industry Secrets Revealed), and a business consultant in social media, the music business, and internet marketing.

He was very engaging and at times I felt like I was being interviewed. He made me feel extremely comfortable, like he was genuinely interested in my questions.  Below I will outline our interview in Q & A form:

What is a typical work week like for you?

–          Writing E-books, updating websites, servicing clients, proposals, conferences, calls, and research. Any activity involved in adding valuable services and products to the target audience. 

How important is writing to you?

–          Extremely important. I am a “content provider” for my target audience via E-books and paper backs.

What are three tips you would offer someone just starting out in PR?

–          “Think, plan, and execute” diligently

What do you wish you would have known before starting out in PR?

–          Knowing about time investment.  Those people that know what they want to do early on tend to achieve a higher level of success early on. 

What do you do to stay relevant and current in the PR industry? 

–          Listen. Most people do not listen. 

Tell me about a project you are especially proud of?

–          Publishing of my books but especially the hard back ones.  Hard back books are still more credible in the consumers mind. 

What is your target audience?

–          It ranges in different groups, depends what I am talking to.  Anyone that I can help think, plan, and execute.

Favorite social media site?

–          My favorite site to this day is Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and

Social Media links?





Social media is the future of public relations. Plus since I am going to be an entertainment publicist social media has become a major component of music marketing and publicity.    I can honestly say that I learned about a lot of social media websites that I never even knew existed.  I think that Georgia Southern University, especially communication arts students could benefit from a social media lecture from Jawar.  But until then, I will settle for his daily “tweets.”

“You have now been informed”


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