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You HAVE the Right to know!!

For my PR Publications class this fall semester we had to choose an on/off campus organization to represent. I chose Phi Sigma PI (PSP), an on-campus honor fraternity, of which I am a member.  I was instructed to shadow an organization to use as our “client” for the semester.

One of my first assignments was to create a brochure.  In order to arrange any print material for an effective campaign, it is pivotal to know what appeals to which crowd. The method used to categorize a total market, which in this case would be the GA Southern student body, is called segmenting publics.  A public is defined as anyone that is seen as a potential customer.  Publics can be classified according to gender, social class, life stages and generation.  By grouping alike people we are constructing uniform design elements that will appeal to the characteristics of that one particular group.

 In this case for the PSP brochure I would take my general or researched knowledge about college students to divide it into smaller segments.  Since Georgia Southern’s campus is predominately female versus male, I know that PSP is looking to recruit more males this rush season. For this purpose I would stray away from the use of lightweight font or frilly ladylike design.  Also to insure the continuation of the chapter, they are looking to appeal to a younger age group of entering freshman.   After researching the likes and dislikes of the entering freshman this year I would find similar characteristics.  The attention span of the younger generation has been shown to be far less than any other year.  To combat this problem, I would try to paraphrase as much as possible to decrease unnecessary wordage. 

 These are some examples of segmenting publics for design of the material.  Segmentation is dependent on the client along with research and design.  It is vital to know the characteristics to ensure that you are encouraging customers to take action or buy a product be appealing to there senses.


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